Ahead of this year’s LA Maker Faire + City of STEM, we are spotlighting a few of the Makers who will be joining us on Saturday, April 6 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

We’re thrilled to introduce one of the ingenious minds you’ll have the pleasure of meeting: Mark Roden, a computational wizard and co-founder of Tetra Bio Distributed. His journey from biology to real estate, with significant detours through biomedical engineering and the news industry, has been driven by a relentless desire to solve real-world problems. Amid the pandemic’s peak, Mark pivoted from ticketing to leverage his biomedical engineering skills, collaborating with a group of passionate individuals to establish Tetra Bio. Their mission: tackle health-related issues head-on. Their flagship innovation, the Tetra PAPRa, symbolizes the essence of making by delivering N100-level protection—even for those with beards. This engineering marvel significantly improves lives beyond the workshop.

Mark Roden holding tool

When asked what being a maker means to him, Mark shared, “Being a maker means being proficient in the physical world, able to craft solutions to problems without being dependent on a company’s product. Their solution may be cheaper and more elegant, but the pride I feel in what my team and I build is unparalleled because we built it ourselves.” 

Tetra Bio Team at LA Maker Faire 2023

Mark’s journey from professional to maker is not just inspiring; it’s a call to action for all of us to see problems as opportunities to learn, create, and innovate. From their initial ventilator splitter to the innovative PAPRa, Tetra Bio’s trajectory exemplifies the Maker movement’s core: breaking down barriers and democratizing the creation of complex, life-enhancing solutions. As the Los Angeles Maker Faire approaches, Mark hopes attendees are inspired to break through the mystique surrounding technology and harness the power of making. Whether you’re an experienced maker or simply curious about the realm of DIY innovation, Mark’s story and Tetra Bio’s creations provide a fascinating glimpse into the potential unleashed when passion meets persistence. Don’t miss your opportunity to immerse yourself in the innovative spirit of Tetra Bio Distributed and, perhaps, begin your own maker journey.

Join Mark and our other Makers in action at the 2024 Los Angeles Maker Faire + City of STEM Festival. Reserve your ticket today and embark on an unforgettable adventure of creativity and innovation.

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