Katherine Connell Maker wearing her own creation

In a world where innovation and personal expression collide, Katherine Connell, affectionately known as TheSmallWonder or Smalls, stands out as a lighthouse of creativity and ingenuity. Born in the heart of Silicon Valley, Smalls’ earliest memories are steeped in the art of making— from constructing robot kits with her mom to assisting her dad with homemade graphic cards. Without a formal background in engineering, Smalls embraces the true spirit of a self-taught maker, proving that with enough curiosity and fearlessness, anyone can transform their visions into reality. This year, at the Los Angeles Maker Faire, Smalls invites you to experience the magic of Sprite Lights, her latest venture that marries technology with the ephemeral beauty of light-up wearable body art. Imagine the intrigue of temporary tattoos, now enhanced with the glow of LEDs, perfect for setting you apart at any nighttime event or indoor gathering.

As we count down to the unveiling of Sprite Lights on Kickstarter this April, Smalls’ journey from a curious child in a tech-savvy household to a pioneer in electronic body art serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities within the Maker movement. She hopes to inspire attendees with a simple yet powerful message: “DON’T GIVE UP! Your idea is absolutely possible.” Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a curious newcomer, Smalls’ story and her innovative creations remind us that the path to realizing our dreams is paved with trial, error, and the unyielding belief in our ideas. 

So, if you’re ready to be dazzled and inspired, make sure to visit Smalls’ booth at the Los Angeles Maker Faire. Witness firsthand the brilliance of Sprite Lights and perhaps, spark a bright idea of your own.

Join Katherine and our other Makers for a celebration of creativity, technology, and community at the 2024 Los Angeles Maker Faire + City of STEM Festival. Reserve your ticket today and let’s light up the world together—one LED at a time.

Katherine Connell working on her project
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