As excitement builds for the upcoming Los Angeles Maker Faire, one participant in particular is gearing up to inspire and captivate attendees: Liz McFarland. With a rich background in cosplaying and technical writing, Liz brings a unique blend of storytelling and craftsmanship to the event. Her affiliation with CRASH Space—a vibrant collective of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, and artists—highlights a shared commitment to advancing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) through community engagement, workshops, and public events. This synergy fosters a nurturing environment for creative minds to explore and expand their potential.

Liz’s maker journey is characterized by a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and experimenting with various tools and techniques. From her initial forays into sewing with her mother to her sophisticated, electronically actuated cosplay wings, her path exemplifies the maker ethos. “Being a Maker means that I value creating for creating’s sake,” Liz explains, a sentiment that resonates deeply within the CRASH Space community. At the Los Angeles Maker Faire + City of STEM, Liz and her fellow CRASH Space members are not just showcasing individual projects; they’re inviting attendees into a world where innovation, collaboration, and creativity converge. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or just curious about the maker movement, you’ll find inspiration in Liz’s story and the collective spirit of CRASH Space. Join us at the Maker Faire to discover the joy of making, learn from the experiences of others, and maybe even kickstart your own creative journey. Reserve your ticket today on Eventbrite

Liz McFarland creating her project